Kostenloser Vortrag auf der Embedded World 2020

Ich möchte Sie recht herzlich zu meinem kostenlosen Vortrag auf der Embedded 2020 in Nürnberg einladen. Darin sind die Forschungsergebnisse des letzten Jahres von meiner Seite kurz und knapp zusammengefasst!

Topic: Microcontroller Supplies Made Easy

26.02.2020  —  14:30 – 15:00 o’clock in Nürnberg (SESSION 5.3)


Do you know designs which have a massive number of capacitors at the backside of FPGAs/microcontrollers? Sometimes the statement “the more, the better” is not right due to external components which can cause errors. The supply is the backbone of a good working electronic and should be understood as well as the signal lines. This lecture gives novel insights in the power supply design up to 6 GHz. With the concept of pairing several cheap and space-friendly blocking elements , it is possible to obtain an always working design. After this lecture, the visitor will know how to design state of the art power supplies for high-speed controllers. Not only is a lot of space saved but now the circuit will reduce the amount of radiated emission dramatically. The question whether buried capacitors are needed will be solved, as well as how to connect external components. Additionally, the origin of ground noise in case of supply design mistakes with VIA’s will be presented.