Professioneller Vortrag auf der Embedded World 2021

Ich möchte Sie recht herzlich zu meinem Vortrag auf der Embedded World 2021 in Nürnberg einladen. Darin sind die Forschungsergebnisse des letzten Jahres von meiner Seite kurz und knapp zusammengefasst!

Topic: Reference Potential and Current Displacement on Ground Lines

01.03.2020  —  11:30 – 12:00 o’clock Virtuel (SESSION 5.1)


In many PCB designs, signals are transmitted on unbalanced lines. The return conductor of the current is the ground. Since currents on a line inevitably lead to a voltage drop, EMC-critical products are created if the design is incorrect. Currently applied measures are replaced by fundamental knowledge, so that the developer knows where to define the reference point of the ground properly. A simple experiment explains the complex functionality of potential equalisation in interaction with the potential reference. In addition, the current displacement on multilayers is investigated in more detail. This is because from the cut-off frequency onwards, a large part of the current no longer flows on all ground layers, but only on the layer directly below. The effect of this effect is made clear.