Vortrag 9th Analysis & Design Symposium 2020

Ich möchte Sie recht herzlich zu meinem kostenlosen Vortrag im Omicron Lab in Eching einladen (Registrierung im Link unten notwendig!). Dabei wird auf das Thema Masse eingegangen und die Folgen einer schlechten Planung gezeigt.


Ground – the Potential Disturber

05.03.2020  —  08:30 – 17:00 in Eching


Ground is often used as a trash can for all possible currents. It is forgotten that there are also voltage drops due to current changes. If the mass is not properly planned, disturbers arise which leave the circuit and will be radiated. To avoid this, the difference between potential reference and equipotential bonding is demonstrated cleary and a simple solution to this problem will be presented.